Sunday, October 25, 2009

I say it every weekend, TOMORROW I BEGIN MY EXERCISE PROGRAM! I've been saying this for years. I've decided that maybe if I broadcast this throughout the internet, which to me is like putting it out there for the world to hear, then maybe, just maybe, I'll get up and do something about it.

I HAVE ONE DILEMA....The only time I can add this routine to my life is at 5:30 a.m. OH DEAR! I'm AM NOT a morning person. AND by saying I AM NOT a morning person is not an exageration.

I'm ready though.....
I've recently got my hands on POWERFIT....Fitness that Fits!
20 minutes a day.
5 discs for five days of the week! NOW I KNOW...we are told that we need to exercise at least 30 - 60 minutes a day.

If have a few extra minutes I can ride this lovely bike, the very same bike that I told my husband, NO ACTUALLY DECLARED that "if I had that bike I'd ride it everyday!" Which sits in a little corner waiting to be dusted at least once a month.

I've even got this beauty. I worked out to this dvd set for a week once, and couldn't lift my legs to get out of my car, or step over the curb. I'm scared of this one. It does promise a "BEACH BODY" in 6 weeks.

Last week a home that I played in as a small child, just east of my parents home blew up. Just blew up. Miraculously the 2 people that were house sitting for their parents while they are serving an LDS mission in Scotland LIVED to tell about it!!! What a blessing. We drove by it today, and it's amazing. Makes me scared of my propane tank.

Also snapped this picture while on our quiet Sunday drive. My house is through the grove of trees in the distance. When the kids were small we would float zuchinni boats here.

My question of the day is......WHAT DO YOU DO FOR EXERCISE? do you fit it into your schedule???? Try not to tell me to get ready for a marathon. I tried running this summer, and thought I was going to need to call an ambulance less than a quarter of a mile from my home.
For the next few weeks I'm quoting Eeyore. So here we go...he's bound to give us a different perspective.
Put this on a pillow: "Nobody minds. Nobody cares. Pathetic, that's what it is. ~Eeyore


Carrie said...

I can't believe that house just blew up how crazy!

I try to walk every day (i try but its usually about three days a week)

Sondra said...

I am with you... I really need to get on the stick too. with so many family pictures lately.. I've had to boast up my courage to actually post them. I've got to do something too. Who said you had to do 30 -60 minutes?? I think 20 is fine! When I was really good at exercising - I put hand weights in the TV room and every commercial I would do hand weight exercises, stretching and marching. It all adds up. When you go to work or the store, park far away and walk in... when bringing in groceries from the car, take 2 bags at a time and make many trips. All the little things add up... oh, and take the stairs often.

Take it slow at first and consistant - so you don't get burned out. is a great place to put in your exercise and see how many calories you burned. You can also track what you eat. Best of all it is free - free - free!

Anyway... I'll start tomorrow too! We can do it.. Thanks for the motivation!

Lauren said...

I just started my workout regimen last week. My mother and I joined the little workout room we have here in my hometown (no big 24 hour gyms here...), and I've been going for an hour every day. I also have Jilian Michael's 30 Day Shred that seriously kicks my butt. But I'm working on doing that as well 3 days a week. It's only 30 minutes, so it's a fairly easy thing to work in.

I HATE working out. Hate it. I hate especially to run. I'm not built to be a runner, I have the worst knees on the planet. That said, I've tried to turn working out into a game, ala The Biggest Loser. It's like, "Well, if THEY can lose 5 pounds a week at home, I wonder how much *I* can lose if I work out every day." That's the only motivator that really works. That, and I really want to wear a bikini for the first time in my life next summer. Like really.

I wish you much luck and lots of support on your journey! If you ever need some motivation or want to chat or just need a boost, come by and see me!

Lauren said...

Oh, and PS, is a great place to track food and exercise to see how many calories you're taking in versus how many you're expending. :)

Kasey Hunt said...

I have learned that I hold myself more accountable when I have an exercise partner or if I sign up for a class or a race. It's been hard being consistant being prego right now. I have been walking 2 to 3 times a week with a friend 3 miles at a time. But with the weather getting colder I may have to start the dvd's or the treadmill. Good luck Sandra. You can do it girl!!

Cherie said...

I was doing really good going to the gym about 4 days a week a couple years ago - then life got busy and I stopped for one reason or another. I finally cancelled the gym membership after I hadn't gone for awhile.
Then last Christmas my husband and I bought a nice treadmill as a Christmas gift to ourselves. He uses it everyday and I am sad to say I have been on it twice.
So suffice it to say I am where you have been. Everyday I say I'm going to get on that treadmill tomorrow.
I need to reach down deep and find the will!!! Ha ha
I am excited for you - it is not easy to start. Good luck!

Laura Lynn said...

It's so hard but I always feel so much better after a 30 min. workout. Dr. Oz says we only need 30 mins. of cardio everyday so I walk and walk fast. These last few (a lot)lbs after the baby have been the hardest to knock off and to find the time to do it. I either go early before kids go to school or stroll with the little ones in the afternoon. If I can't do that, I'll run my stairs and do push ups.
Good luck - you can do it! Your mind is stronger than you think!

Cherie said...

P.S. I cannot believe that a house just blew up. Holy Guacamole that is super scary!!

Nana said...

That is so wierd about that house!

Anyway, back to getting in shape. I am a poor one to ask since I have gained 30 lbs. in the past 5 yrs.

I know why I have gained it though. I quit working out on a consistent level.

I would walk at least 3 miles a day. Five days a week.
Lift weights or workout w/ kettle bells. I know how to do it. I just can't seem to get back into the groove.

Material Mary said...

Miss Sandra,
I am one that personally does not like to exercise. The thought of it just makes me tired. However, I need to...mentally, emotionally and physically. I go to water aerobics in the morning 5:15 is early and truly I don't wake up till about 10:00 am. I have met the most wonderful bunch of ladies and it is a joy to go. Find what speaks to your heart...

Janice said...

Good luck exercising. I proclaimed to the world too on fb and NOPE nothin!!! I did good for a week.
It is so hard, but YOU CAN DO IT!!!

I cried when I listened to the news the day the sorenson's house blew up. I told Mike, "I had sewing and cooking classes at that house". I went for birthday parties there too.
Crazy!! Who ever checks for propane leaks? Apparently we should do it more.

arkie said...

Good luck on your exercise program! I just bought some new walking shoes to get me started going again. The hardest part is getting out of the door for me!

Connie said...

I have to work my exercise in at 5:00 in the morning too, or it doesn't get done! I have a membership to the gym so I go there. It's almost midnight right now! Not sure if I'll get up in time tomorrow. Dang!
It is so scary about the house blowing up! When I heard it on the news, I was shocked!

Marie said...

I walk wherever and whenever I can. I already get up at 5 am to try to fit in all that I have to do in a day. I just can't see myself getting up much earlier! I think you just have to do what you can when you can. That's what works best for me! That house is crazy! How scary!

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

You go girl, cuz I'm not gonna! :( Maybe after Christmas!!!
I can't believe that story about the house that blew up. I'm so glad the couple was OK.
And thanks for the mummy/gum tutorial. How cute!!!

Connie said...

You grew up in the same place my mother was born and raised! She still has family there. You know in Olsens or Hansens? That was probably the name of the grouchy old farmer! :-)

Jemm said...

I hate I don't. Real mature, I know.

Camille said...

I'm not a morning person either so I just can't make myself get up that early - plus I'm getting myself and 2 girls ready for work and daycare. So, I go to the gym in the evenings when I can. I love the kickboxing and zumba classes!
Sounds like you have a fun routine ahead of you - we will be expecting a post in the future about your "beach body"! :)

Lisa Anne said...

I keep saying I'm going to exercise more and it just never happens. I'm loving the photos.

Dshaw said...

I don't. I park in the far side of the parking lots. I use stairs instead of elevators. I walk to the neighbors instead of drive. I participate in Ward sports (easier to go if you know friends will be there!) For work I have to go to the courthouse 2 blocks away, instead of driving I walk...I sometimes make the trip 2-3x a day. It's a lifestyle change. I just put on comfy shoes and it is much easier!

Burt Family said...

A house blew up from the propane tank? That is a little scarey for me, since everytime our heater clicks on I hear a loud boom in the furnace.
As for exercising...I say it's overrated :) LOL!!! Just kidding, but I struggle with it also because I am NOT a 5:30AM workout kinda person either and once my day gets going it's consumed with a baby who thinks when I have a free minute that it should be filled with him :) Good thing he's cute and lovable!