Tuesday, March 6, 2012

This Friday I become a mother inlaw (bless this poor girls heart).   This new team (my son and his bride to be) are up beat and very layed back.  I'm trying to have the wedding luncheon reflect their carefree personalities.  They have chose for their colors, lime green, blue, black and white. 

With two weddings to take care of within 2 months of each other, I'm trying to keep costs down without taking away from their personalities.  Make sense?  Here's a few things we've come up with.

My new daughter inlaw has 5 sisters, and my son has 1. Instead of wristlettes, we decided on lime green rosette pins.  This rosette doesn't look lime green, but it's definitely lime green.

Center pieces at the luncheon consist of more flowers made from napkins and tissue paper.  I'm still not sold on these.  They're kind of bugging me.  I might have to start over.  Possibly making the flowers out of tissue paper, not the napkins.  Tissue flowers are  more full.  Still debating.  (She likes the polka dots, as do I)

 Still can't decide...

 Each place setting will receive a bag of bubble gum stating
Chaz and Aleece
Sticking Together

(we could always sayd "Don't Blow It".  wouldn't be right would it?)

Tonight after work, I will begin the banner and center pieces for the head table. 
It's an exciting time around here.  Just hope we survive all the action!

Have a Great Day!


Yvonne said...

You are going to be one busy lady.

Love the rosette pins.

Can't wait to see everything you do. ENJOY.

Ann Marie said...

It's happy to see Flora!!
Wasn't that her name? Or am I wrong? I have missed her! I need my own Flora.

What fun colors she chose!

And-- your soon to be DIL is LUCKY to have such a creative and darling Mother in law to help so much! It's fun seeing what your doing! Weddings are soo fun!!

Ann Marie said...

" Sorry- what fun colors your DIL chose! " -- The way I typed it -- it sounded like I meant Flora. :)

HAPPY to hear you'll be joining us for dinner.. SQUEEEEE!!!!

Valerie said...

Love the rosette idea!
I also love the fun, spunky colors & the gum favor is So. Stinkin'. Cute!
Can't wait to hear how everything turns out.

Material Mary said...

Good luck with the wedding. Your ideas are terrific indeed. It is so fun to get new daughters...I've enjoyed my new daughter as Stanton got married last June...

The Gathering Place said...

I can't imagine doing two weddings in one summer. That sounds very daunting. I think you have some great ideas planned. It is sure fun to get those new in-laws in the family! Good luck with the weddings.

marciea casselman said...

Good luck with the wedding. I enjoyed being the mother of the groom this past wedding. All I had to plan was the breakfast. That's about my speed.

JennyLynn said...

I am so happy to see you blogging again. It was like a ray of sunshine and made my day before it has even gotten started.

I like the rosettes, very cute.

Valerie said...

So fun and I love the colors! It was so great to meet you last night!

All Our Fun said...

So cute! Love the bright, happy colors! Your post made me smile today! To really make an event laid-back, you could say "shoes optional" ;)

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